Induction Training

All new staff will undergo a basic initial induction programme with Procuro to familiarise themselves with the standards expected, common care procedures, and to understand how they will be supported by the Management Team at Procuro.  In your first week you will also take 3 certificated courses including Food Hygiene, Manual Handling and Child Protection or Protection of Adults. 

Following the initial one week induction period, you will undergo your first official Supervision session with your identified supervisor.  This session will determine how you have settled into the work and establish that you understand the expectations of your role. 

CWDC Introduction to Work in Children’s Social Care

The government has set out common skills and knowledge that all staff working with children and young people need to have. As a new member of staff, you are required to learn about the Common Induction Standards which were developed by the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC).

The CWDC Common Induction Standards set out what a new worker should know within their first 26 weeks of commencing employment and are broken down into 7 standards.

The standards are:

Standard 1: Principles and Values

Standard 2: Your role as a Worker

Standard 3: Health and Safety

Standard 4: Communicate effectively with children and young people

Standard 5: Understand the development of children and young people

Standard 6: Safeguard Children

Standard 7: Develop Yourself

In your learning log you will demonstrate / evidence that you understand these standards and how they relate to the work you do with children and young people. As an employee of Procuro it is mandatory that you complete this workbook during your first 26 weeks of work for the Company. We expect you will find this training interesting and educative as it forms the base from which your professional development will continue. It will assist you in being able to promote the high standards we hold at Procuro.